We Are PB - Angela Smith-05-29-2020-0124

Angela is a holistic psychotherapist that specializes in working with women. She focuses on all aspects of health that go beyond regular therapy. She supports women with internal healing and provides a safe space for women who have dealt with loss. She believes none of us have to do this alone.

She has experience in movement, trauma, body work, and meditation, which helps clients create sustainable and meaningful rituals & practices to improve their health and wellness. You cannot heal what you don’t understand and you cannot integrate what you have not yet felt. 

Telehealth/Outdoor Sessions/Clinic
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“None of this was meant to be done all alone. there is nothing courageous about covering up your pain so no one sees it. there is nothing glorified about having it all together. you do not have to justify choosing your health over someone’s happiness or approval. and life can be wonderful. even when, and especially when, it’s hard.”